The RTI’s retailer ranking analysis was supported by's Visible Privacy team and the scoring was developed based on four trust components.

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This metric analyses the cookies and trackers that are used in the first load on a webpage (before interacting with the cookie banner) and gives a score based on whether they are using the correct cookies on this phase and not using trackers.

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The score of this trust component is calculated according to the number of breaches that a site might have had in the past. Depending on the recentness of the breach and whether it caused sensitive data to be leaked, the trust score is penalised.

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This metric analyses the accessibility of the main page of a retailers website which takes into account contrast errors, alerts, features, and ARIAs (Accessible Rich Internet Applications).

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Shopper Perception (2023)

Respondents perceived trust towards the top 50 retailers based on consumer research from 2,000 UK consumers conducted in August 2023.